Thursday, August 21, 2008


Opk is just now, finally, positive. M gets back from a 3 day trip late tonight. I told him to take his pants off in the car so that we don't waste any time. And apparently the 3 times we had forced, quickie ttc sex while G watched Curi0us Ge0rge in the 24 hours before his trip were a waste of time and preseed.
Its hard to remember that for some people, trying to get pregnant is fun.

My sister is in the hospital with contractions. She is 23w3d. The contractions don't appear to be causing any cervical change but they are keeping her in the hospital anyway, possibly until the babies are born. That seems a bit extreme to me, but what do I know?

I'm on call for 2 births in the next month, just as a doula. I've started to pick up some clients, not because I really wanted to go back to work, but because we're very worried about M's job and we need the money.

M is an airline pilot and the airline industry as a whole is not doing well and most airlines, his included, are furloughing pilots. He is safe from the first round, but just barely. If there is another round of furloughs, he will lose his job. As he is the sole income provider for our family, we're very worried.
The plan for now, is to reduce/eliminate all consumer debt and after that, to save as much money as possible. He's looking for another job already, but so is everyone else.
Before G was born, I never really worried about money. I always knew that I/we would be able to figure something out, and we'd lived poor before, we could do it again. But now, its different. With the possible loss of M's job and income looming, its really hit me that without M, I have no way to provide G with the things he needs. Working as a midwife is pretty much out of the question, with the completely unpredictable hours, low income potential and zero benefits.

I think more and more about going to nursing school. I don't really think I would like being an RN, but at least you can always get a job. My mom is an RN, as well as several friends and almost none of them like their jobs. The program is also 2 years of no income and lots of time away from the family-not to mention the financial cost. Of course, if I get pregnant, that will complicate things too.

Monday, August 18, 2008


I went back today for an u/s to see if any of the tiny follicles we saw on the 13th were growing. I wasn't holding out much hope, because the opk's weren't very dark, though I did skip Saturday because we were out of town. Also, on Saturday I started noticing bits of eggwhite, Sunday there was a bit less. And today, Monday- I have a big, 19.8mm, follicle on one side.

Of course, because I am a pessimistic idiot who ignored signs of ovulation, we haven't had sex once this cycle. I probably surged Saturday, and we've probably missed it. Shit.

Nurse L, my very favorite wand monkey, said the line around the follicle was still very crisp and that she didn't think I'd ovulated yet....but the eggwhite is gone and the opk line is very faint. But my temp is still down.

I am so confused. I am also happy that it looks like the cl0mid worked. Maybe my ovaries aren't shriveled up like raisins yet.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Diminished Ovarian Reserve

Results of the cl0mid challenge test..

CD3 FSH: 5.75
CD10 FSH: 8.35

When the cd10 FSH is higher than the cd3 FSH, diminshed ovarian reserve is indicated, according to Dr. Google. Yoda's nurse told me nothing but the numbers. When this cycle is over, we'll do another consult to go over the cycle and Yoda will give me the official notice.

Also, my ovaries are now multi-follicular (they weren't before I got pregnant with G) and the cl0mid doesn't appear to be working, as my cd10 u/s showed the biggest follicles at only 8mm.

Can this be happening?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Back from Vacation!

We had a great time!!

On the way home from vacation, we stopped at my parent's house for a few days where we had a family birthday party for G.

Then, 2 days after we got home, we had a big party here at the house for him. Those are chocolate chip cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate buttercream frosting. Made from scratch. UH-MAY-ZING.

And then, a week later, I saw Yoda (our RE.) And just like that, we're in the insanity. Today is the second day of the Cl0mid challenge test. Oh, how I loathe cl0mid.....