Friday, October 31, 2008

Struck by lightning

Yesterdays u/s was bad. Spectacularly bad. No, it couldn't just be a garden-variety, run of the mill miscarriage for me.
No, its a partial mole. Go ahead. Follow the links and join me in incredulity and horror. Be sure to read the part about lung metastasis. And waiting at least a year to attempt pregnancy again (which, sickeningly, is worse for me)

Of course, they say its too early to make a diagnosis. I had THREE pelvic ultrasounds yesterday, with the RE and the Peri. Nobody will call it. But I KNOW thats what it is. It can't be anything else. And next to the scary, giant blob is a tiny fetal pole, with a tiny flickering heart-waiting to be overcome by the blob thats taking all the space and all the resources.

There are no more words..

Friday, October 17, 2008

Amen, sister....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good excuse

The day we left for our mini-vacation in San Diego, my sister's water broke and her triplets were born at 25w5d.

We drove back from San Diego immediately, got home at 1am, then got on a 6am flight back to IL. We were there for nearly a month.

The triplets are all doing as well as can be expected. There have been a lot of challenges, of course. Infections (MRSA), PDA's, and of course extreme prematurity. Their birth weights were 1#11oz, 1#13oz, and 2#2oz. Now, they are between 3# and 2.5#. At this point, we're pretty sure they are all going to survive and we're now worrying about what kind of disabilities they will have.

Because of the triplets birth, I never went back to the clinic for the CD3 u/s and we didn't do any treatment this cycle. I don't even know what cycle day I'm on, but I'm pretty sure I ovulated on 10/1, which was waaaaaay late in my cycle. Just like when I got pregnant with Gabriel.
My period didn't arrive this week, so I took a pregnancy test. Imagine my shock when it was blazingly positive. Tuesday's beta was 100. Progesterone was "over 20"
So, yeah, Holy Shit. I'm back on hep@rin injections, twice a day. I had a repeat beta today, and when (if) the hcg hits 1000 we'll begin u/s's. I'm nervous and will feel better when we're sure its in the uterus and of course I'm worried about miscarriage as well, but its not consuming me like it did last time. I'm so much more relaxed, (its so nice!) probably because I can't obsess over it every minute because I have to chase Gabriel.

I'll keep you posted.