Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Still here, Still Pregnant

I'm SO, SO sorry. What an ungrateful wretch I am. I should have update months ago and have no excuses.

So, the blob just eventually went away. It got smaller and smaller until by around 14 weeks we couldn't see it at all. Then, I had several episodes of spotting that led to eleventy million ulltrasounds and an eventual diagnosis of a cervical polyp that is too far from the cervical opening to cause too many problems (we think.)

During one of the many u/s, we saw-without really wanting to know- that the baby is a boy. And you'd think, after all the complications and scary shit we've gone through since the very beginning of this pregnancy that I could just be glad I was still pregnant and that the baby was still alive. But, no, because I'm an asshole- I cried. AGAIN. I really, really want a daughter and this very may well be my last pregnancy. So, yeah, I'm dealing with that.

I'm 27w1d, and have almost no baby related tasks done. Gabriel is getting close to being potty trained- this should hopefully give me a month or two off from washing diapers, which will be nice. Gabriel is still co-sleeping and I don't think thats going to change any time soon so I'm simultaneously dreading and looking forward to sleeping between my two boys. The giant boy that I live with will likely spend most of his nights in the guest bed, but its comfy and he snores, so we're both ok with it.

I promise it won't be months before I update again!