Saturday, September 06, 2008

Scratch that, reverse it

19mm cyst, almost certainly functional. Today is maybe going to turn out to be CD 1, so I'd have time to go back for a CD 3 u/s to see if it had gotten small enough to do the Fem@ra, except we're leaving for a mini vacation tomorrow night and won't be back until Friday.

I'm considering flying home early for my u/s, except I've never left Gabriel before and thinking about it is making me teary! Also, we're actually driving to our destination, because of all the stuff we want to bring (scuba gear and my sewing machine, to name a few) and I don't know that I trust M alone with G on the 7 hour drive home!

Friday, September 05, 2008


We had our post cycle consult with Yoda (which is really a terribly unfair nickname, as Yoda is really a very beautiful woman.) Here's what she had to say:
FSH is ok. Not great, but ok. She isn't worried. Lots of antrals.
Response to Clomid is ok. Could have been better.
Progesterone is not ok. She doesn't want to do progesterone supplementation because that only masks the problem-which is some sort of ovulatory dysfuntion.

She wants to try one more timed intercourse cycle on Fem@ra. Then move on to injectables and IUI.

Our insurance only covers testing-no treatment, so we're scrambling to come up with a way to pay for this. The timed intercourse/Fem@ra cycle is going to be around $500, which we can swing-but just barely. I have no idea what we'll do when/if we have to move on to bigger guns. Our money situation is precarious-the airline industry is a pretty scary place to be right now. Just the cost of the meds alone is frightening, not to mention the monitoring and procedure costs.

My home state (IL) had mandatory infertility coverage and I've thought seriously about moving back, for that reason alone. Its just NOT FAIR that insurance companies can get away with not covering infertility treatment. Yet, they cover impotence drugs and treatment... Makes me so mad.

Also, another thing that makes me mad. Sarah Palin. Hate. her. In the interest of my blood pressure and carpal tunnel, thats all I'll say about that.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Random- edited

I hate when bloggers disappear. I can't stand not knowing the rest of the story. Avonlea is the one who just came to mind, gone after her last post which was horrible and sad-her husband left her for another woman in the midst of their adoption after infertility. My Eggs Are Cooked and Hardscrabble are a few more. (Yes, I know that Tertia gave us an update on Danae, but it was a long time coming)

I'm still waiting for the results on the stat progesterone that was drawn on Friday....I'm not sure if its because of the slacking at the lab or the slacking at the clinic that I'm still waiting on those results 4 days later, but I'm pissed.

I'm pretty sure the results aren't going to be good. Despite a blazing positive opk, my temp barely, barely went up. So slightly that it could just be a difference in room temperature or something.

I'm guessing the results will either be anovulatory, or maybe slightly higher- meaning some sort of ovulatory actitvity-but nothing that could result in pregnancy.

Some other numbers came back last week. My fasting insulin was 6 and my fasting glucose was 87. Good news, because I'm constantly afraid of that PCOS diagnosis. I asked at my last u/s, what the difference was between multi-follicular ovaries and polycystic ovaries. The difference is the "string of pearls" appearance. My ovaries are multi-follicular, meaning they're just covered in lots of antrals, not lots of cysts. It can make them harder to stimulate, but not as difficult as polycystic ovaries. However, one doesn't have to have polycystic ovaries to have PCOS. Confusing stuff, PCOS.

Progesterone 9.2, not stellar, but at least I ovulated.... who knows what the f is up with my temp not rising. Maybe I need a new thermometer.