Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh, Pietro,

I'm not interested in reviewing your penis enlargement device, but thanks anyway.


The previous post was sitting there in draft form for over a month, because I apparently forgot to publish it...And I had another one started that I just deleted because it mostly was just a bunch of whining.

I suck at blogging. I have all these ideas that never seem to make it out onto the page.

I'm at the end (I think) of an over 40 day cycle. I have a shiny new clomid prescription that I was going to use this cycle, but due to this current never-ending cycle, I'm not going to be able to take it until the cycle after next, which sucks, because G and I are going on vacation on the 14th and M isn't coming with us. We'll be joining my family in Wisconsin for 2 weeks and M has to work. I'm really looking forward to the vacation, despite all the associated family drama that is accompanying it this year.

The closer we come to G's 2nd birthday, the more pressure I feel to get pregnant again. I don't even know if I'm really "ready", although how do you ever know that? I do know that I want the kids to be as close together, age wise, as possible. And it took us 3 years to get pregnant with G.

In other pregnancy new, my sister is 15 weeks pregnant with TRIPLETS!!!, after an IUI with injectables. Her pre-IUI u/s showed one dominant follicle and several smaller ones. They told her there was no chance of multiples...

I'm excited and scared for her and the babies. She seems to get getting good care from a fairly non-alarmist perinatologist who says he doesn't automatically require bedrest and would allow her to attempt a vaginal delivery if all 3 babies are head down (which will never happen, of course)
Her technical due date is 12/14, but they will hopefully arrive sometime in early November.

I've already told my mother that I know she will do her best not to favor the triplets, but that I'm going to be sensitive about it. Funny how I would even think about that sort of thing, but sibling rivalry never dies, I guess.